July 18 to July 22, 2018. - St. Elias Cathedral

Ahla w sahla. ترحيب Welcome

Ottawa Lebanese Festival

Celebrating 28 years in the region, the Ottawa Lebanese Festival brings the rich diversity of the Ottawa-Lebanese community with five days of marvelous food, Middle Eastern entertainment and heritage.

Beginning Wednesday July 18th and running through to July 22nd, the grounds of the St. Elias Cathedral showcase a variety of savory goods and Lebanese culture.


St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral,

750 Ridgewood Ave, Ottawa, ON K1V 6N1


Our world famous Middle Eastern food can be found right here at the festival. With the help of hundreds of hard-working volunteers, our cuisine is authentically and freshly made on-site. We welcome and encourage you to experience the unique crafts, Lebanese entertainment and fun over the course of five exciting days.

Middle Eastern Delicacies

Music & Dance

Excitement and Fun

Event Schedules

#EVENT TimeVenue
1Festival Grounds Open: Free Admission until 5PM Courtesy of Millennium Limousine4:00 PMFestival grounds
2Tannis Food Tent opens, Laurier optical marketplace opens, Gabriel Pizza midway opens, ks on the keys beirut lounge opens4:00 PMFestival Grounds
3Admission Fee starts - $25:00 PMMillenium Limousine Services Entrance Gate
4DNG LAW Saj Tent Opens5:00 DNG Law Saj Tent
5Church Tours Commence & Great Vespers6:00 PMSt. Elias Antiochian Cathedral
6Official Opening Ceremony with special performances from the Lebanese Cedar Festival Dancers8:00 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
7Stars of Lebanon8:45 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
8Sami Wehbi9:30 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
#EVENT TimeVenue
1Divine Liturgy (Feast of St. Elias) 10:00 AMSt. Elias Cathedral
2Festival grounds open - free admission until 5PM courtesy of Millennium Limousine Services4:00 PM Festival Grounds
3Tannis Food Tent opens, Laurier optical marketplace opens, Gabriel Pizza midway opens, ks on the keys beirut lounge opens4:00 PMFestival grounds
4Admission Fee - $55:00 PMMillenium Limousine Services Festival Entrance gates
5Church Tours Commence6:00 PMSt. Elias Antiochian Cathedral
6Dabke dance lessons6:30 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
7The lebanese cedar festival dancers7:00 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
8SOL Band7:15 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
9Adel Kassib8:00 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
10Lebanese cedar festival dancers9:00 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
11Matthew noutros - david obeigie9:10 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
12Karl Wolf10:00 pmmendes toyota stage (main stage)
#EVENT TimeVenue
1TANNIS FOOD TENT LUNCH at 11:30 A.m. -1:30 p.m.11:30 a.m.Festival grounds
2Festival grounds open! Free admission until 5 PM Courtesy of millennium limousine4:00 PMFestival Grounds
4DNG Law saj tent opens5:00 PMDNG Law Saj Tent
5Church tours commence6:00 PMst. elias antiochian cathedral
6the lebanese cedar festival dancers7:00 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
7SOL Band7:15 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
8Joyce8:00 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
9The Lebanese Cedar Festival Dancers8:45 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
10Halim Asmar9:00 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
11Firas Asmar10:00 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
#EVENT TimeVenue
1Festival grounds open - free admission until 5PM courtesy of Millennium Limousine Services11:00 AM Festival grounds
2Tannis Food tent open, Laurier Optical Marketplace open 11:00 aMfood tent and market place
3Gabriel Pizza Midway Open 12:00 PMGabriel Pizza Midway area
4Dabke Dance Lesson 1:30 PMmendes toyota stage (Main Stage)
5Church tours commence2:00 PMSt. Elias antiochian cathedral
6Water Drinking Competition & Mascot visit2:00 PMmendes toyota stage (Main Stage)
7Watermelon Eating Competition2:30 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
8Canada's Game: A hockey skills competition by Team Lebanon 3:00 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
9Joe Nachef3:30 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
10KS on the keys beirut lounge open 4:00 PM KS on the keys Beirut lounge
11Admission fee $25:00 PMMillenium Limousine Services festival entrance gates
12DNG Law saj tent opens 5:00 pmSaj tent
13The Lebanese Cedar festival dancers 5:00 PMMendes toyota stage (Main stage)
14The Lebanese Cedar Festival Dancers7:00 pm Mendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
15S.O.L. Band7:15 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
16Dunia Deek7:30 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
17Pierre Nasa7:45 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
18Mireille Nohra8:15 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
19Carol Farah9:15 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
20Andre Ibrahim9:45 PMMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
#EVENT TimeVenue
1Divine Liturgy 10:00 AMSt. Elias Cathedral
2Festival grounds open - free admission until 5pm courtesy of millennium limousine services11:00 aM
3Tannis food tent and laurier optical marketplace open11:00 AMFestival grounds
4Gabriel Pizza midway open12:00 PMgabriel pizza midway area
5Lunch show with joe & andre1:30 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
6Church tours commence2:00 pmst. elias antiochian cathedral
7The Lebanese cedar Festival Dancers2:45 PmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
8hockey skills competition with team lebanon3:00 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
9admission $2 begins4:00 pmMillenium Limousine Services Festival main entrance
10dng law saj tent opens & KS on the Keys Beirut Lounge opens4:00 pmdng law saj tent & KS on the Keys Beirut Lounge
11water drinking competition 4:00 pm Mendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
12Watermelon eating competition4:30 pm Mendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
13Dabke Dance Lessons5:30 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
14The Lebanese cedar festival dancers6:30 PmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
15SOL band6:45 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
16Raya7:45 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
17Bassem Dib8:25 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
18Carol Farah9:30 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
19Roger Helou9:45 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)
20Ottawa Lebanese Festival Raffle Draw and official closing ceremonies10:45 pmMendes Toyota Stage (Main Stage)

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